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Two Ship to Shore Cranes refurbished in 6 months

noel.jpgClient: South African Ports Authority (SAPO)
The job: 2 Noell Ship to Shore Cranes fully reconditioned and refurbished.
Timeframe: 6 months

Client Mandate:  After 10 years of operation, the ship to shore cranes had suffered fairly typical corrosion damage and wear and tear.  A decision on whether to replace or refurbish the equipment was required.

The solution:  After deciding that the cranes would be refurbished, SAPO put out an international tender for the work.  As the successful bidder, Rossi restored the equipment including corrosion protection, complete mechanical and electrical refurbishment and upgrade within the specified time frames.  The total cost of refurbishment amounted to 40% of the cost price of new equipment.