Paper Mills

Our Paper Mill Services

Our extensive experience dating back to 1958, relating to all aspects of the paper production process, can offer:


  • Design, fabrication and erection of factory and civils.
  • Design, configuration and layout of plant
  • Dismantling and reconditioning of existing plants and equipment
  • Commissioning and consulting
  • Maintenance and repair of plants
  • Turnkey projects
  • Training of all personnel involved in production cycle, from waste management and sorting, stock preparation through to paper machine and converting.

Tissue Manufacturing Plant

Waste paper collected, sorted and brought to the mill which will be used as the raw material to make tissue paper

Waste paper sent to stock preparation plant, where it is mixed with water and chemicals, then pulped, filtered, refined and turned into pulp.

The Pulp sent through to the paper mill which turns it into tissue paper. The tissue paper comes of f the mill in the form of a jumbo roll

The jumbo rolls are then transferred from the mill to the converting plant for converting into the final product, in this case, toilet rolls.

At the first stage of the converting process, the jumbo roll is fed onto the rewinder which emboses, perforates and transfers the right sheet count onto the toilet logs

The long toilet logs are then fed to the band saw which automatically cuts the logs to the correct size.

The ready to be packed toilet rolls are automatically fed into the various wrapping machines

The toilet rolls emerge wrapped in the various corporate colours of the client. Eg. Pick & pay etc.

Besides toilet rolls, other products are made from jumbo rolls in the  same mill.

The finished products are then ready to be shipped to the various clients

From the mill direct to retailer outlets around the country